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At present POPUP offers 11 SETA accredited and various non-accredited market-related skills programmes to unemployed people. The agricultural programmes are currently facilitated at the Soshanguve campus, however POPUP hopes to extend this offering to another site at Edendale, close to Mamelodi. We are in a process of replicating our Gauteng Centres in Nelson Mandela Bay, Port Elizabeth (Life Skills and Adult Education & Training already facilitated).

The skills programmes mentioned vary in duration, based on the credits allocated to the relevant unit standards, inclusive of the practical component linked to each of the skills programmes on offer at POPUP.

After successful completion of the workplace readiness programme, learners receive their certificates for their respective skills programmes and workplace readiness programme at a certificate ceremony, where excellence and outstanding performance are being acknowledged and rewarded.

POPUP has extended its traditional offering to include training services to Corporations and various Industries.  With an added benefit to POPUP learners after successful completion of a skills programme at POPUP,  learners with entrepreneurial ability are identified for Enterprise and Supplier Development (ESD).


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