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March 8th, 2018|

Mmapula Moepya (28) is vandag die toonbeeld van ’n suksesvolle vrou wat haar toekomsideale verwesenlik. Maar sy ken swaarkry, en daarom is haar hart en hande oop om nie net te droom nie, maar ook te doen... My keel trek toe terwyl ek na die kalender kyk. Ek het matriek goed geslaag, selfs twee onderskeidings losgeslaan. ’n Sterstudent. Maar waarvoor? Ek het met soveel hoop aansoek gedoen om verder te studeer, en nou moet ek magteloos toekyk hoe die sperdatums vir betaling een na die ander kom en gaan. Daar is nie geld nie. My ouers kan nie betaal nie, [...]

Luphelo Lucky Buyaphi: My POPUP Story

March 8th, 2018|

My name is Luphelo Lucky Buyaphi and I’m a POPUP learner doing Computer and Office Administration. This is my story of before and after POPUP (People Upliftment Programme). I lost my parents at a very young age, so I had to start working to care for me and my siblings. I was working part-time while busy with my high school studies. When I completed my matric, I immediately started working full-time. When the money started coming in, I felt like I needed to make more so me and my siblings could have a decent life. I slowly became obsessed with [...]

Restoring dignity through Hope and Increased Opportunity

March 8th, 2018|

Abigail Malinga’s story is one of survival against all odds. Softly this single mother of four recalls the events that make up her life. Although she constantly has to wipe away the tears, her eyes reveal an inner peace and her smile radiates a heartfelt joy. Born into a large, poor family in Zimbabwe in 1983 Abigail finds it difficult to recall anything but destruction and abuse during her childhood with the resultant deep-rooted, daily heartache and tears. A life without love cultivates a hard heart and a smile-less face. “At an early age I lost the ability to feel [...]

February 26th, 2018|

Monday-Friday: 8am-4pm Salvokop Centre (Head Office) Phone:  +27 12-003-2008 VAT REG NO: 4610252225 NPO NO: 007-050 PBO NO: 130004846 NPC REG NO: 2000/030918/08


February 8th, 2018|

“I was a young man who thought that no one cared about me, not my family, no one. I started seeking their attention by drinking, sleeping around, and blaming everyone for my mistakes. I thought that the world owed me, but also felt that it was better without me, so I tried running away and committing suicide. During this programme, I learnt to be myself and to understand my purpose. I am not just someone who came to be a nobody, but to be in God’s likeness. I have a daughter whom I couldn’t take care of and I have not been there for [...]


February 8th, 2018|

“Growing up as a child was difficult for me, as both my parents were alcoholics, and my dad would beat up my mother and sometimes kick us out. POPUP has taught me about God’s unconditional love and approval, as He alone has my best interest at heart. He alone is able to fill any void and He alone goes through everything I go through with me. I am able, for my God will strengthen me. I have stopped feeling that sex is a part of a relationship, because now I know that it is a part of marriage. I will not let anyone make [...]


February 8th, 2018|

“I lived my life without direction. I was with friends who had a bad influence on me and we smoked weed and drank alcohol. We used drugs to keep us awake all night. I didn’t know anything about God. I was in the dark and never attended church. This programme really changed my life. I feel like I found a family that loves me. I was open to talk to people that I met during this period of time. Now I know myself and what I want for the future. I know my purpose in life and I will make use of all the information and put it into [...]


February 8th, 2018|

“I lived a life of sin every day of my life. I drank heavily, smoked dagga and had sex almost every day. I was filled with anger and hated myself, because I never knew my biological father. Nothing mattered to me anymore and I felt that life owed me. During this programme I experienced a lot of love and I managed to change my attitude towards others. I learned that in life it’s the little things that count. I learned to work with a different cultures. I also learned to forgive other people regardless of what they done to me. I also learned that God is always there [...]


February 8th, 2018|

“I was always telling myself that I was living ok even though it was not true. But now I feel like a new person. The Foundation for Life programme helped me with so much knowledge, and it opened my mind and eyes that I now think I was totally blind in the past. My life is totally not the same as when I first came here. Everyone must know and experience what I have come to experience and know. Thanks for the knowledge and truth and please it must never end, because I wish to see my brothers and sisters around the world feeling the [...]

Business Hours

February 8th, 2018|

Monday-Friday: 8am-4pm   Salvokop Centre (Head Office) Phone: +27 12-003-2008 VAT REG NO: 4610252225 NPO NO: 007-050 PBO NO: 130004846 NPC REG NO: 2000/030918/08