“I was a young man who thought that no one cared about me, not my family, no one. I started seeking their attention by drinking, sleeping around, and blaming everyone for my mistakes. I thought that the world owed me, but also felt that it was better without me, so I tried running away and committing suicide. During this programme, I learnt to be myself and to understand my purpose. I am not just someone who came to be a nobody, but to be in God’s likeness. I have a daughter whom I couldn’t take care of and I have not been there for her. After this programme I learnt that I need to be responsible and take care of my child. I must be a father who will love and protect his wife and kids. Everything that happened in my life had a purpose and it was a way to help me, strengthen me and change me to become a better man. I feel enlightened after this programme, because of the truth I have received and the knowledge I was given. I have decided to be a better man who fears God and will follow God’s ways, a man who will lead his family and friends to the truth.”

– George

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