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In partnering with POPUP, you stand to gain in one of the following ways:

  • Secure your company’s B-BBEE score-card points, through Socio Economic, Enterprise and Supplier Development involvement. POPUP enjoys a Level 1 (135%) status and is geared to complement the corporate sector with the revised B-BBEE Codes that became effective on 1 May 2015.
  • Tax benefit – POPUP is registered as a Public Benefit Organisation (PBO) and has Section 18A status.
  • Employers may also appoint POPUP as a service provider to train their entry level staff in skills programmes such as Life Skills, Readers are Leaders, AET or Basic Computer on the company’s premises at times and on days suitable to the employer. Although a training fee will be charged, companies may claim this training cost from their Skills Fund and will receive B-BBEE benefits. You may select the level and number of people you want to attend the programme. Not only will companies benefit by improving the skills level of their staff, but should also notice a change in values
    and morals.
  • POPUP empowers learners in a workplace readiness programme and assists with the compilation of a professional CV and will add value through our recruitment service office to place qualified learners. We have trained 5 950?? learners and placed a significant number of them in employment over the past 9?? years. You may contact POPUP if you want to employ some of our ex-learners.
  • Your organisation can actively participate in the upliftment of your staff’s morale and their sense of giving back to the community and making a difference, by POPUP facilitating a corporate team building exercise or your organisation volunteering at POPUP.
  • There is also a need to mentor some of POPUP’s current and/or ex-Enterprise Development learners.
  • Donations “in kind” such as food (especially meat), clothing, furniture, equipment, cleaning material, etc. and not only financial contributions, very often make a substantial and significant difference. You can view our current needs list here.


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