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Monday-Friday: 8am-4pm

Salvokop Centre (Head Office)
Phone:  +27 12-003-2008

VAT REG NO: 4610252225

NPO NO: 007-050

PBO NO: 130004846


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“I was a young man who thought that no one cared about me, not my family, no one. I started seeking their attention by drinking, sleeping around, and blaming everyone for […]

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“Growing up as a child was difficult for me, as both my parents were alcoholics, and my dad would beat up my mother and sometimes kick us out. POPUP has taught […]

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“I lived my life without direction. I was with friends who had a bad influence on me and we smoked weed and drank alcohol. We used drugs to keep us awake all […]

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“I lived a life of sin every day of my life. I drank heavily, smoked dagga and had sex almost every day. I was filled with anger and hated myself, because I […]

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“I was always telling myself that I was living ok even though it was not true. But now I feel like a new person. The Foundation for Life programme helped me […]

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Business Hours

Monday-Friday: 8am-4pm


Salvokop Centre (Head Office)
Phone: +27 12-003-2008

VAT REG NO: 4610252225
NPO NO: 007-050
PBO NO: 130004846
NPC REG NO: 2000/030918/08

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