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POPUP’s “Adopt a Learner” programme makes provision for the corporate sector to adopt a POPUP learner or a group of learners during their developmental journey at POPUP.

You can add value to the life of a POPUP learner, by investing in their emotional, physical and financial needs.

The programme allows for the corporate institution to connect with a learner on an individual level, with the following outcomes:

  • Coaching discussions.
  • Feedback on the developmental journey of the learner
  • Workplace exposure.
  • Employment opportunity or assistance therewith.

POPUP will recommend a suitable learner based on your specific requirements and expertise. An upfront briefing will explain the programme as well as clarify expectations from all parties involved.


You can engage in this initiative by making an investment in the following areas:

1. Financial investment

  • You can make a substantial difference in the life of a POPUP learner, through a financial
  • This financial investment can be a once-off investment, or you may opt for a monthly commitment.
  • Apart from investing in the future of a learner you may also, subject to criteria from SARS, deduct your contribution for tax purposes.  POPUP will issue a Section 18A certificate to all funders for this purpose.  Corporate funders may also earn B-BBEE benefits for Socio-Economic Development (SED), Skills Development and Enterprise & Supplier Development (ESD) if they fund POPUP for the training & development costs of the learner.

2. Individual coaching and mentoring

  • In his/her developmental journey.
  • Realistic workplace expectations.
  • Entrepreneurial Fundamentals & Development.
  • Attending the learner’s certificate ceremony.

3. Workplace Exposure

  • Creating opportunities to experience the world of work.
  • Allowing to engage in practical workplace exposure as part of the learner’s respective skills programme.
  • Entering into learnerships/internships in partnership with POPUP.
  • Entering into a supplier agreement with a POPUP entrepreneur to supply products or services (ESD Benefits).