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  • I had a huge stumbling block in my life before coming to POPUP.  It was not to forgive. At POPUP I learnt to forgive and forget. I want to thank POPUP for healing my soul. I received life restoration and I am 100% changed. I enjoyed every moment of my lectures, because God was the first to lead us.

    - Vimbai
  • Wow!! The good news about God and Jesus Christ as my Saviour.  I experienced God’s power and His grace upon me. God loves me all the time.

    - Lindiwe
  • I thank God for giving me this opportunity to learn what I did at POPUP. Firstly I learnt a lot about the importance of relationships, what racism is, abuse, abortion, how to handle my finances and how to find a job. I learnt how to take care of myself as an individual and to love God and serve others without discrimination of race or the color of their skin.

    - Fikile
  • POPUP was welcoming and understanding. Most of us are struggling financially.  POPUP respected us and even fed us. I feel others should also be told to come here to get a bright future and to know God.

    - Jana
  • I think everyone just felt at home at POPUP. I like POPUP's emphasis on God and about knowing Him and having faith. Most of us have already given up on our lives. I realized again that Jesus is the lover of my soul.

    - Shadi
  • I didn’t think that my life would one day be filled with joy, laughter and happiness. POPUP is a place of love and healing and that is what I found here. In these 13 days I realized God works in many ways, you should just invite Him in your life. Life skills inspired me, it educated me, but most it brought peace into my life.

    - Eona
  • Coming to POPUP was a choice I made to do something with my life. I love the way the teachers presented, the way they handled us with passion and love.

    - Mosupye
  • I thought life skills will be all about sex, teenage pregnancy and sicknesses. I did however get a revelation which helped me understand to want to be in life, that I drive my own destiny. It was not by power or by might, but by the Grace of God that I was “chosen” to attend this school, I was blessed by all the sessions and I will apply it in my life.

    - Lesego
  • I haven’t given my life to Jesus yet, but I realized here I cannot live without God and He should be part of my everyday life. I want to really share what I heard here and spread the gospel to others as my first step. I also learned that I am who I am because of the choices I make.

    - Phindile
  • I grew up with a single parent who does not believe in God and who lead all of us in the family not to believe in the Word of God or even pray. We are used to do traditional ceremonies and talk to our ancestors since my birth and we are suffering in everything. I found the good sense at POPUP to open the Bible and read the truth about God and start to really believe in Jesus. I am determined to know everything about God and I am willing to give my life to Him and change for the better.

    - Sonto Sharon
  • My life was very bad, a young boy smoking dagga, my heart was full of hate for my brother my mother and my sister, but I loved my grandmother very much. I felt very down (at the end of my rope) and even thought of killing myself. I never had a father in my life. I experienced so much here at POPUP about who God is and that He even knew me before I was formed in the womb of my mother. I wasn’t a believer before I came to POPUP, but now I am.

    - Lebogang
  • I chose to be. I never before even opened the Bible to read even just one verse. I now believe in God and I know He is watching every move I make. Now I committed myself that I am going to do the right thing in life.

    - Johanna
  • Coming from a small town and university one can think you know everything, but attending life skills at POPUP melted my spirit. It also helped me to strongly believe that my history will not be my destination. My destiny can only be delayed, but not stopped. Keep this up!

    - Portia
  • I felt helpless and hopeless before I came to POPUP due to a lack of skill and money to pursue my dreams. To be honest I feel like a heavy load was lifted of my shoulders and I know how to forgive and love others without expecting something in return.

    - Mmamocha
  • I used to be a drinker, a smoker and went clubbing each and every Friday, because it helped me to forget about my problems and oh yes, I knew Jesus existed, but I never really believed in Him. I thought I was living the right life, but no, I was living a lie all along. At POPUP I got respect, love and care.  Now I know how it feels to really accept Jesus Christ in my life. I am changing, one step at a time, but I am changing..

    - Nhlanhla
  • POPUP is like a home, a shoulder to cry on. I came to know God through POPUP and I found the courage to do anything in my life. I feel these last 13 days rescued my life and my family.  I thank you so much for your love, patience and faith.

    - Memory
  • I can say since coming to POPUP I have seen the light, I learned about Jesus and about choices you make in life. The people here have hearts of gold and I was honestly touched by these teachings.

    - Sibongile
  • I’ve experienced many things, I’ve given my life to Jesus and I am a new creature in Him now. I struggled in my life with forgiving and forgetting, but now it’s become easy for me. I am so impacted by what I learned here at POPUP that I can tell people about Jesus without being ashamed. The greatest thing I realized is that it’s not all about me, but to think of other people as well. I am really blessed by being here.

    - Gugu
  • Sadly a week after Life skills ended we received word that one of our Life Skills Learners, a 25 year old, vibrant girl, Tshegofatso Ramasehla died tragically.  The following is her testimony to POPUP:                                                                                                                                          I was hurting and broken and my life vague and direction less, acting all tough about it. I’ve been to hell and back in my life and now, since I came to POPUP I started facing my issues. God just threw me in a pool of love and I enjoy swimming in it…  I don’t fear drowning cause it just feels safe just to be. At first I thought it was like church on Sundays, why do I need this! As time went I realized it was by God’s plan that I’m here...  I think it is safe to say I am dangerously armed not only spiritually but also with things that will help me face the world out there from now on. Needless to say thank you all!

    - Tshegofatso
  • I came to know about purpose at POPUP to knowing God deeply and to forgive others! I finally forgave my mother for committing suicide when I was 10 months old, because life was so cruel to me since then.  If you ask me now-who is your boss? I will definitely tell you Jesus is my boss and I love Him more and more every day. Thank you POPUP,  you are a life saver. I learned so much about other cultures and now I love more!

    - Sarah
  • I came to know about diversity and other cultures, I learned how to communicate well and I know how to meet my goals. I am now living a free life, because I know I’m here for a purpose. I’ve started building a close relationship with God and I’m close to His Word. I feel good about myself and no longer wish to be

    - Sibongile
  • I learned how to use time responsibly by living my life today and not tomorrow. This was such a peaceful and beautiful environment, with wonderful facilitators. I learned to change to become a better child and mother, I was guided in which career to take, how to communicate and I heard the Gospel. I haven’t given my life to Jesus yet.

    - Bridgette
  • I’ve experienced much care at POPUP and that it is never too late to learn. POPUP really brought healing to my life, my soul and my heart. I can now read my Bible and understand it, O I so experienced the love of God and I know He will never forsake us.

    - Puseletso
  • I learned to work in a group, market myself write a CV, how to find purpose, I realized I have to make the choices to take me further. Before POPUP I never thought much about God, now I know I had to accept Jesus Christ into my heart as my Savior.

    - Sarah
  • I expected to come here, do my computer course and go, but it turned out that I came here at the right time to be set free by God. I found more than I ever expected in a way I forgot about that certificate. I learned about God, that life is a journey, that I’m worth much more than all the treasures in the world, I changed from the inside and above all- I gave my heart to Jesus. I found healing at POPUP, I found JOY, I found acceptance and I even found counseling through the Word.

    - Leeko
  • On day one, coming to POPUP I felt so welcome, so alive and so happy, I felt like I mean something in this world, I was renewed each and every day. There was this thing in me all the time I cannot describe, when Alistair prayed for us the tears just came running from my face and I felt Jesus was right next to me. I might be still under that shack, but now I can see where I’m going in life.

    - Felicia
  • I met many lost people and POPUP became a home to me.  These days really changed me and now I can write a CV and I know how to set goals for my life.

    - Masango
  • POPUP healed me to change my life and become a born again child of God. I experienced that nothing is impossible and I can make it with my skills programme and have a better life. Before I came here I was addicted to money and started doing bad things…  POPUP really made a difference to me.

    - Shaku
  • My life before POPUP was full of crime and drug abuse; in fact I came here after being clean for 10 days.  I was consumed by the devil for the last nine years of my life.  Life skills gave me a new outlook on life.  I realized, even from the dirt, God can accommodate everyone. I feel I’ve learned how to stand up under temptation that through prayer wounds can be healed.  The way the world can consume a person goes hand in hand with depression and low self-esteem, I feel however on top of the world, I believe that my life just started again and now I am not going to let my environment rule my life again. I haven’t given my life to Jesus yet.

    - Marumo
  • These past two weeks was an awakening to me. I learned things at POPUP which will help me in many areas of my life for example to conduct myself at a work place, love unconditionally and accept everyone in God’s creation. Most of all I managed to reconcile with my sister, because forgiveness is the key to emotional healing and one’s freedom.

    - Modiegi
  • I could feel God’s love and passion for me, I felt so alive inside and I know now my existence is for a good purpose. I regained my faith in God and realized everything that happen to us in life is determined by the choices we make and how we think.  I even have the self-confidence to share the good news of the Lord with other people outside which I have never done before. I started forgiving others and my family also noticed the changes in me, I have hope for a better future now.

    - Mmako

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